Low-Pass Filtered Data, Seasonal Plots




Eastward Current

Northward Current


 Temperature Line Plots  Salinity Line Plots  LLP Eastward Currents Line  LLP Northward Currents Line  LLP Alongshore Winds 
 Temperature Offset Plots  LLP Eastward Currents Offset  LLP Northward Currents Offset
 Temperature Contour Plots  Salinity Contour Plots  LLP Cross-shore Currents Line  LLP Along-shore Currents Line
 LLP Cross-shore Currents Offset  LLP Along-shore Currents Offset
 LLP Eastward Currents Contour  LLP Northward Currents Contour
 LLP Cross-shore Current Contour  LLP Along-shore Current Contour

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